Future Fair 2023

Meet students and apps
from the Apple Developer Academy

The Event

Like every year, the Apple Developer Academy will celebrate the end of the academic year with the Future Fair event, a career and app presentation that will be held on the last days of June 2023.
Companies, incubators and investors are invited to join the event to meet Apple Developer Academy learners and to have a look at the apps that have been developed during the year.

The Platform

The profiles of our learners and a description of their projects are available on our Future Fair Platform and updated every year.
The Future Fair Platform is an opportunity for companies to plan their interviews and meetings with our developers. It is an exclusive tool that helps companies and professionals to get in touch with the learners of the Apple Developer Academy.

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Contact Us

Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani 70,
80146 Napoli NA – Italy

e-mail: futurefair@unina.it


Companies can join the platform to explore students’ profiles and discover their apps and projects.
Learners can look at companies’ profiles and explore the career opportunities offered.

Current Students

Learners that have just finished a 9 months journey at the Academy in the world of iOS app development.
They are developers: coders, designers, project managers, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Learners from past years of the Academy. World-class developers from all around the globe.

The Pier

The Pier is an educational program for Academy graduates where the learning experience is based on a real-work environment, and participants develop their professional skills even further while working on projects with external partners.