Future Fair 2020

Meet students and apps
from the Developer Academy

The Portal

Like last year, the Apple Developer Academy celebrated the end of the academic year with the Future Fair event, a career and app presentation will be held in the last days of June 2020. Companies, incubators, investors are invited to join the event to meet Apple Developer Academy students and to have a look at the apps that have been developed during the year.

What We Do:

The profiles of our students and a description of the apps are going to be available on our Future Fair platform. The Future Fair Portal is an opportunity for the companies to plan their interviews and meetings with our developers during the event. FutureFair Portal is an exclusive database that helps companies and professionals to get in touch with the students of the Developer Academy.

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Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani 70,
80146 Napoli NA – Italy

e-mail: futurefair@unina.it


Each company invited to FutureFair have the chance to promote themselves, students have the possibility to visit all companies detail pages to know more about them and check in advance which profiles the companies is looking for.

Current Students

Each student received an email with credentials to login into the Future Fair portal and fill a form with his/her portfolio, like background, projects developed during the year and skills.


Students from former years keep coming back to update their persona profile. The Piers also, will share their project and portfolio.